Free Vibrant Health Shaker Bottle

After a while, you can discern a standard among the supplement promotions run by various companies. It’s not as if the single-serving protein powder sample is at risk of becoming quotidian, but there remains something to be desired — something that the offer of a free shaker/blender bottle goes beyond.

Vibrant Health - Rainbow Vibrance

For over 20 years, Vibrant Health has developed and sold nutritional supplements for the health-conscious individual, their products receiving great deals of acclaim in the process. The focus of their latest promotion, Rainbow Vibrance, holds “Two-Thirds of a Pound of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables” within each scoop.

In order to receive a free shaker bottle filled with various Vibrant Health supplements, complete the following:

  1. Begin by watching the ~5 minute Rainbow Nutrients promotional video, which focuses on the product’s wide spectrum of beneficial ingredients.
  2. From there, complete a short (minimally invasive) questionnaire.
    • For the question regarding the name of the Representative who alerted you about the promo, we’d recommend “Robert Miller,” the rep who brought this to our attention.

That’s all! Expect your bounty to come with approximately 3 weeks. Please note that this offer can only be extended to residents of the United States.

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ProMera Sports Supplement Giveaway

Even if you think you’ve taken full advantage of the supplement deals to be had on Black Friday, I see no reason to pass up on ProMera Sports’s promotion! Have another package – this one with free supplement samples – on the way in minutes.

ProMera Sports Promotion

Included in ProMera’s generous giveaway are various flavors of CON-CRĒT (voted’s “Best Creatine of 2012″), BETA-CRĒT (pre-workout) and GLUTA-TRĒN (intra-workout). Simply email to receive both these samples as well as a coupon code for 35% off your next order from ProMera’s online store. Bronzebird, the ProMera representative running this promotion, recommended the following email template:

Hi, Bronzebird from sent me here to order my FREE ProMera Stack Samples while supplies last! My name & shipping information is:

Go a step further and like ProMera Sports on Facebook to be entered in their monthly stack giveaways:
(Post a screen shot proving you’ve liked their page on the related forum thread for an added bonus.)

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USPlabs Jack3d Micro Giveaway

For the majority of bodybuilders, USPlabs is best recognized for their popular pre-workout supplements Jack3d. Decorated with acclaim from much of the fitness community, it should come as no surprise that excitement regarding USPLabs’ newest supplement, Jack3d Micro, has succeeded in generating sufficient hype and capturing the interest of many.

USPlabs' Jack3d MicroFollowing over 18 months of research and numerous beta tests, USPlabs is celebrating the release of their new “Jack3d alternative” supplement with a limited giveaway hosted over on the Forums. Taking place in two parts over the next two days, it’s guaranteed that at least 5 registered members with US mailing addresses can randomly win a bottle of Jack3d Micro before it’s even released onto the market.

Enter in the giveaway by posting a response to Day 1’s prompt “What makes the perfect training partner?” in the appropriate thread. If the thread receives at least 5 pages of responses on Day 1, the prize pool will be increased to 10 bottles of Jack3d Micro As well as a USPlabs 3-in-1 shaker cup in time for Day 2’s task.

Check back tomorrow for more information. Best of luck!

Posted in Notables | 5 Responses Premium Powders Giveaway recently started a promotion for their newly released line of flavorless Premium Powders, a collection of MR Supplements-branded bulk supplements.

MRSupps - Premium Powders

Available worldwide, you can receive a free sample of the supplement of your choosing; either creatine, beta-alanine, ALCAR, or glutamine. Along with whatever supplement you request, you’ll be receiving a sample scoop of the four different flavors from MRSupps’ “Extreme Flavor Mixes” to create your own flavored supplements. Flavors include watermelon, limeade, grape, and fruit punch.

So what does it take to request your free samples? Simply join MRSupps’ new forum – – and PM forumAdmin, including which supplement sample you’d like to receive and your address details. Nothing else needed, though publishing a review on the different products you were able to try is requested! Just stay alert for future promotions including more sample giveaways from MRSupps on their Facebook page:

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BG Labs Centurion Giveaway

(If you would like to freely promote a supplement giveaway like the one detailed below, please don’t hesitate in contacting me!)

BG Labs Centurion Creatine Supplement

BG Laboratories is a relatively new supplement company based in Atlanta, Georgia that recently came out with their first product, a unique high-quality creatine supplement. Called Centurion, it contains a combination of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients such as creatine ethyl ester and beta-alanine, sans fillers. It is an easily absorbed creatine that doesn’t lead to excess bloating, and can be used as both a pre-workout and a recovery supp’.

To promote their new supplement, will be running an exclusive giveaway! This giveaway is open to all residents of the United States until April 22nd, 2012. Winners will receive a free 1-week trial pack of Centurion. Winners will be chosen at random, and odds depend on the number of participants.

To be one of the four winners of a generous sample of Centurion, please follow the instructions below:

1. Fan BG Labs on Facebook to hear about new promotions:

2. Follow BG Labs on Twitter for updates on future products:

3. Include your contact information below (your information will never be shared):

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Facebook and/or Twitter Information (required)

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MAN Sports Supplement Giveaway

It’s been a while since we’ve highlighted a recent contest or promotion. However, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve been inadvertently holding out for something awesome, and this giveaway by MAN Sports fits the bill! A quick summary: you can win full-sized bottles of supplements and t-shirts on top of very generous samples!

MAN Sports' Body Octane

To promote their pre-workout “Body Octane“, MAN Sports continues their strong string of promotions by giving away a free 5-day sample of Body Octane to anyone interested (a product which currently maintains a 9.1 rating on! This is a deal far beyond almost anything another nutritional company would run. To enter the MAN Sports “Pump Giveaway” and secure your free supplement samples, simply do the following;

  • Email
  • Have the title be “BB Pump Giveaway”
  • Include your name and address in the body of the email


But the promotion doesn’t stop there! On top of supplement samples, every 5th person who requests free samples will win either an entire bottle of Body Octane (30 serving!) or a MAN Sports-branded shirt! Go even farther and post a review/rate on with your thoughts about Body Octane and you’ll be entered to win even more prizes ranging from full-sized tubs to a slew of supplements and a branded t-shirt.

February 10th marks the deadline to request free samples while you can enter in the supplement review promo until March 10th. For more details, see the accompanying thread.

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Eventually, whatever free supplement samples you can find (not considering the swag given at conventions like Mr. Olympia) will run out. At this time, buying from brick-and-mortar stores or shopping around online will likely be your only option. Ignoring offline shops for the time being, the sheer number of retailers online selling the same exact supplement is dizzying by itself. You have a nutritional company’s’ own site (normally too expensive), shady third-party retailers (with suspiciously low pricing and a questionable website), and then you have


Well known as the largest online retailer of bodybuilding supplements, is not only a great resource for laid-back health articles1, an extremely active fitness forum, and workout and diet plans, but especially for their main attraction; the online store. Filled with over 12,000 products and having shipped out over 10,000,000 orders, must know a little something about customer service – including, but not limited to, the fact that they know people love free supplement samples.

With just a $0.25 minimum for free supplements – basically any sort of supplement offered at -, you can choose from a selection of more than 10 various gifts (with a limit of 2 per order). Samples include free protein bars, free fish oil pills, free protein powder, and even a free copy of Kris Gethin’s book, Body By Design.

For free supplements:

1(However, if you’re looking for something a bit more advanced explaining the science behind supplements, I’d highly recommend Examine)

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Free Neogenix CryoShock Giveaway

It’s refreshing to see a simple free supplement giveaway being promoted by a reputable supplement company. Thankfully, Neogenix’s newest giveaway of their pre-workout CryoShock fit both of those bills:

Neogenix's CytoShock Pre-WorkoutTo try your hand at receiving a free 2 serving sample pack of Neogenix’s CryoShock pre-workout supplement, you only have to follow one step. Check the Neogenix Facebook page and, after a new post appears on their Facebook page, be the first to post in their Giveaway thread. There will be two new posts on the Neogenix Facebook page per day, so you have two chances daily to score free supplements. The contest will run from November 15th – November 24th (10 days), and winners can expect to have their supplement samples shipped before December 1st. The contest is only open to bodybuilders 18+ years old residing in the United States.

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BEAST Sports Supplement Samples

There’s nothing better than getting in on a company promotion only to find out that the nutritional company is doing something even more special that just giving out free supplement samples. That’s just the case with BEAST Sports during the entire month of October; not only are they giving away four of their supplements for free (details later), and not only are they giving away two packs of each!

BEAST Sports Supplement SamplesAs previously noted, BEAST Sports are offering free samples of four products:

  • Super Test – Pro-Strength Anabolic Complex
  • Amphetalean – Thermogenic Energy Complex
  • 2 Shredded – Thermogenic Weight Loss supplement
  • CREATure – Pro-Strength Creatine supplement

After you’ve received your free supplements, leave a review in BEAST Sports’ promotional thread on the forums, and Beast Sports representative longhorns_p has hinted that he has a few shaker cups and t-shirts to give away to detailed reviews of the free supplements! So not only will you receive eight free supplement (servings) in total, but you have the chance to win a free shaker cup or BEAST Sports t-shirt!

Simply go to and enter in the promo code “FS1011″ at checkout. This code will be valid throughout the month of October and will include free shipping!

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Hemo-Rage Black Ultra Concentrate Giveaway

(Another quick highlight of a giveaway while I finish up a few larger articles.)

Hemo-Rage Black Ultra recently announced a new contest of theirs, giving away one free tub of Nutrex’s Hemo-Rage Black Ultra Concentrate (pre-workout “Detonator”). However, it’s not so much to promote their own supplement store as it is meant to promote’s partnership with the “Wounded Warrior Project” – an organization with the purpose of helping injured service men and women of the US Armed Forces.

To join in on the celebration and win free supplements, you’ll have to do just one thing:

1. Enter on’s Facebook Fanpage: ( by commenting with the name of your favorite nutritional supplement. It’s as simple as that!

The contest is open to anyone, though residents outside the US will have to pay for shipping if they’re lucky enough to win. The winner of the free Hemo-Rage tub will be chosen randomly and announced on September 4, 2011.

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  • Check out for free samples!